I suffered with carpal tunnel in my left wrist for years.  Doctor suggested to have a surgery.  I regularly started using Ceragem and held jade projector on my wrist.  After 2 months I started feeling better and could type on the keyboard without any discomfort or pain.


My right leg had pain due to sciatica.  After 3 weeks of using Ceragem, my pain decreased.  After 8 weeks, pain in my right leg subsided. 


I was tired and exhausted, I had chronic fatigue and could hardly drive home from work.  After a few weeks of using Ceragem, I had more energy.  I have not had to take time off from work since coming to Ceragem.  I can’t believe the difference it has made in my quality of life.


I had gout on my right foot and woke up a few times in middle of the night due to pain.  I went to a doctor and he suggested a treatment with cortisone injections.  It helped temporarily but the pain would come back.  I started using Ceragem far infrared projector to massage my foot and heating it.  After 4 months, gout and pain went away. 


I am a software developer and use computer daily for over 10 hours.  I’ve had neck, shoulders and lower back pain for years.  I came to Ceragem center daily for a few weeks and noticed a difference in my pain level.  I stopped taking pain killers, anti-inflammatory pills and had more energy.  I ended up buying Ceragem and use it every day at home.


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