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Try CERAGEM in our Arlington Heights Center. Make your pain a thing of the past with the clinically proven Master V3.


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back pain.


Is CERAGEM therapy the answer to your back pain? How will you know unless you try? 


CERAGEM is an Automatic Thermal Massage

that helps relieve body aches and pains

associated with joint pain, arthritic pain, daily stress and bad posture.


CERAGEM combines the benefits of Eastern health techniques handed down from generation to generation with the most scientifically advanced medical breakthroughs of today.



The following are alternative medicine principles used in CERAGEM:



Chiropractic is one of the advanced complementary medicine methods widely practiced in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Chiropractic massage relieves compressed nerves by correcting spinal alignment.

A correctly aligned spine stimulates the system and helps your body to return to its natural rhythms.



Massage relaxes muscles and tendons around the spine, relieving pressure on the spinal cord, and adjusting the spine.

Massaging also stretches the spine to release pressure from the gel-like discs that act as cushions between each vertebrae, which are the bones that comprise the spinal column.

As we age, our backs stiffen, and for some of us, our backs will become weak which may cause misalignment. Massage of the spinal area, experienced in the first part of a CERAGEM session, can prevent stiffening and weakening of your back.


Moxibustion, an effect widely used in Eastern medicine, uses heat derived from a specific material to aid in healing and relaxation.

CERAGEM products use the application of heat to stimulate meridian (pressure) points and increase blood flow to support your body’s natural ability to repair.

Jade with matrace in Ceragem


Jade is a semiprecious stone which has been used in Eastern medicine for thousands of years to stimulate Chi (Qi, Ki), the life force in our bodies.

A block in the flow of Chi results in discomfort or even disease.

The jade stones also apply acupressure (like acupuncture without needles) to special points along the meridians of your body. This can release blocked energy and promote energy flow to certain areas helping to restore your inner balance.

Jade is used in CERAGEM Master V3 for its ability to retain and transmit far infrared deep heat.